Sometime in the not so distant future...

There is One Government.
One Religion.

Somewhere in the midst of this new world order, full of high tech gadgets and hover vehicles, eleven year-old Brent Camden is on a quest for answers. After finally passing the Unified History Test to become a Netizen of the World Network of Communities (WNC), Brent heads to the Academy, but mysterious events lead him to discover that the world is not as perfect as it seems.

Something is missing.

What Brent discovers will change his life forever, and the life of every person who is willing to face and accept the Truth. During the day Brent studies at the Academy, but his evenings are spent as part of a secret group of people who call themselves the Remnant. Trained in the ways of their leader, known only as the Redeemer, Brent soon finds himself sent on a mission to infiltrate a high security facility to recover a treasured Book of Books that will restore hope to those who are the guardians of the Truth. Empowered by the Sovereign, guided by the Counselor, and in pursuit of the Name of the Redeemer, Brent's adventures will keep you reading into the night.

These are the Chronicles of the Remnant, the

* * *

So begins the description of Karl Bastian's first novel. A novel that has been in development for many years. A story that is inspired by the epic stories he has enjoyed since childhood and one that will engage and entertain today's children.

While this is Karl's first novel, he is no novice to communicating with children. Karl began teaching and entertaining children literally as a child, and has since traveled across the United States and to over ten countries entertaining, teaching, and engaging children in creative learning. A regular trainer of adults in story telling, teaching, and communicating with children, Karl has finally put these skills to the task of writing a children's novel that will be much more than just a good read.

Kids will love his creative imagination, but parents and teachers will love the timeless and life changing truths he communicates so powerfully. For those who like Harry Potter, Karl's novel offers another opportunity to follow a boy as he grows and discovers that he is a part of something greater than himself. For those who fear children's fascination with Harry Potter and witchcraft, Karl's novel offers a welcome alternative. For the imitation of the characters within this book would be much more desired!

Although written with middle to upper elementary kids as the 'target' audience, younger and much older readers have praised it as well. (see testimonials)

While inspired and influenced by many epic stories of good versus evil, there has never been a book like this - filled with creative technology, a dramatic plot, and yet rooted in a reality that makes the book come alive like no other story before it.

READ the Order of the Ancient, and you will find yourself believing... but in something much more powerful and more real than anything any other children's novel can offer.


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