Hey, Pastor Karl here! "Karl Bastian" that is, if you are
afraid of confusing me with some other 'Karl' out there. But I've not met many, so you're probably safe. In case you are wondering, Karl means 'strong and manly.' Hey! No laughing!

If you want to have fun following my adventures, be sure to check out my website at www.kidologist.com I am always posting pictures and other fun stuff there. Sometimes for kids, sometimes for adults, but never anything boring! I promise!

If you like toys, then you will love my website where I make online movies with toys! It is www.toyboxtales.com They are all free downloads and you'll have a blast watching them with your friends.

My life mission is to reach and teach as many children as possible with the Good News of God's love, and in the process to enlist, equip, encourage others to do the same. I've been a children's pastor for over fifteen years in the Chicagoland area from the historic Moody Church downtown, to several other churches in the suburbs from a small mobile church to a large multi-staff church. I love kids and children's ministry is my life passion.

I am also the founder of a non-profit organization called Kidology Inc. Its MISSION is to Equip and Encourage Those Who Minister to Children. The website is Kidology.org and this novel was actually our first step into self publishing.

This novel was a very fun project, and I am so excited about it finally being in print! I look forward to hearing how kids enjoyed it, and the impact it might have on their lives!

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