Dear Karl, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I purchased your book at the Kidology seminar at New Church in Georgetown, Tx. I had you sign it for my two oldest boys, but had to read it first to make sure it was age appropriate and biblically sound. I read it in two sittings (and that says a lot, in and of itself)! I loved the story and it has a valuable lesson for adults as well! You could not have made a more valid point in that many Christians take our freedoms for granted. I am so excited about this book that I plan to purchase many copies and give it to our youth and those that have recently "yeilded" to the faith! I was especially pleased when I read 1 Tim 4:12! This is our youth groups motto verse and it is an excellent message for the youth of today. God bless you and the amazing ministry you have been given. I only have one question...when will the next one come out?
- Your sister in Christ, Evelyn Hill

Perhaps the most damaging thing about the way adults present Christianity to children is the anemia. We've given our children faith stripped of adventure. Karl's new book "Order of the Ancient" changes all that. Your kids will love the high adventure and colorful characters of Karl Bastian's universe. - Larry Shallenberger, Erie, PA

It's not often you come across a book that has excellent morals and an excellent storyline. Pastor Karl presents a believable, adventursome boy with whom kids (and adults!) can relate. Reading this book will not only entertain you, it will present you with truths that challenge you to view your life and relationship with God in a different light. Good luck putting it down! - Melissa Hunt, Centerville, OH

I am a 5th grade teacher at a Christian school in Anaheim CA. One of my roommates heard you speak and bought your book. I read it in one sitting last weekend, I couldn't put it down! My class has many questions about the value of Harry Potter and what God says about the occult. After reading this book I can't help but reccomend it. I hope my students are caught up in the story as well as in the power of God's love throughout the book. Well done. -Laura Welling, Vineyard Christian School. Anaheim CA

"Why?" It's the question that all kids ask, but for Brent, it leads to the most incredible answer possible. Your kids will find themselves swept away to a place in the not so distant future where God is forgotten by the mainstream populace. As they read this incredible story, they will find their faith challenged, strengthened, and anchored in a very powerful truth: God's Word is precious and powerful! Do yourself a favor and purchase several copies to hand out to all of your family and friends. What I want to know is when do we get to see the made for TV movie, comic books, action figures, t-shirts, Monopoly Games, and other cool spin-off stuff from this most excellent of children's literature. I can't wait for the sequel and maybe even a prequel. - Tony Waller, Jonesboro, AR

I loved this book! Spiritual lessons delicately interwoven with a fascinating story. Who is this Sovereign and what did he do to make people take such high risks in following him? It makes you wonder! I believe kids of all different backgrounds will love the story of Brent getting answers to (some of) his many questions. - Els Zuidweg, Amsterdam (NL)

I just finished. WOW! I thought it was great - you'll have to write a sequel!! My church group loved the book as well. How refreshing to have a group of kids so into a book of this nature. Thanks! - John and Cindy Martin, Virginia Beach, VA

(In a letter to a friend, forwarded to me) You so need to read Pastor Karl's new book, Order of the Ancient. It is so awsome - its the fastest I have read a 300 page book, a little less than 3 days. It is so awsome! - Chad

You get SEVEN quotes!

"I fell asleep every night as my dad read the book.  It's a very interesting book, but I'm just four years old--so I get tired fast."
Sadey Allison, age 4

"I liked how the boy followed God."
Libby Allison, age 6

"The story is exciting.  It's a very cool book."
Josey Allison, age 9

"I think it's a great book for young readers.  It keeps their attention and it's not too scary."
Aubrey Allison, age 11

"I'm not gonna lie to you: It's wicked awesome.  (That means I liked it a lot.)  It's a neat mixture of Star Wars meets Harry Potter meets Jesus in the end times."
Billy Allison, age 13

"It kept me on the edge of my seat.  It wasn't boring by any means.  It has a great plot.  It will keep kids interested AND teach biblical truths at the same time."
Emily Allison, age 15

"We read to our kids almost every night so we are on a constant lookout for books that our kids will enjoy and teach them about walking with God.  All of our kids loved this book (we have six kids ages 4-15).  This book has a great story with great lessons about life and walking with God.  It's a children's fantasy fiction book that is biblically-based.  If you kids like stuff like Star Wars or Chronicles of Narnia or even Left Behind, we're guessing they will LOVE this book."
Bill and Stacy Allison (no ages available at the time of writing)

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